Belgravia Green Spanish Villas Attractions In Normandy

In the northern region of France is a city called Normandy and it has a coastline which includes WWII beachheads and white-chalk cliffs. And there is also the Omaha Beach, a famous site where during the D-Day, the famous landing took place.

And off the coast, there is this also a rocky island called the Mont-Saint-Michel, which has a Gothic abbey with a top that is surrounding this place as a beacon.
And there is the city of Rouen, which houses the famous Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rouen, and this is where the Catholic saint Joan of Arc and some military leaders were executed in the year 1431.

Coming back to Normandy, this is one of the most beautiful regions in France. Not only does it have beautiful beaches, it’s rich in culture and history too. Normandy has a lot to offer visitors and travelers is one of the most popular destinations in all of France. Today we are going to learn more about this region and the beautiful Spanish villas that stand out above the landscape. If you are looking for Spanish villas in Normandy as an attraction, then you are in luck! Below you will find several of the most beautiful and popular villas France has to offer.

  • Beautiful Spanish Villas – Manoir 1908
    When it comes to beauty, Manoir villas will truly take your breath away! This villa which is located in the Criquebeuf-sur-Seine and the first things that capture one’s attention is that this property has three elegant bedrooms which are filled with antique furniture and comfortable beds as the main features. As you glide through, visitors or guests can relax in the back garden which houses a great place to have a BBQ or a picnic. The villa has a full kitchen and a dining area for entertaining guests during holiday seasons. And in the living room, which is inviting and full of splendour and a wonderful place to spend the entire evening chatting away with friends.
Manoir 1908


  • La Maison de Mathilde
    Another amazing villa nearby is the La Maison de Mathilde, which dates back to the middle ages. Located in Bayeux, France, this guest house is surrounded by some of the best attractions Normandy has to offer. Guests at this awe-inspiring villa can choose between one of the luxury rooms that comes with a direct view of the Cathedral of Bayeux. Some rooms have a terrace that will also allow you to get an even closer view of the landscape.
    There is a bike hire which is available nearby for guests to enjoy and it is one of the best ways to travel around and see the areas around this place. This place is littered with Museums, churches, shops, and restaurants and all are just a few minutes ride away from this lovely villa.




  • Relaxing Beaches – Deauville
    One of the most popular beachside resorts is in Normandy and there is this little gem of a town called Deauville. This seaside town has about 2 kilometres of sandy beachfront, which is perfect for sunbathers and suntanning. The town also has a boardwalk for those who like to take afternoon strolls along the shoreline. This area is filled with old-fashioned striped cabanas and patio chairs that are available for rent too. For those of you that are a foodie at heart, you will be delighted to find many stylish and trendy restaurants lined along this beach. But the beach and fine dining aren’t all that Deauville has to offer. The area that surrounds the town has great golf courses, horseback riding, and many other sports for you to enjoy.


  • Étretat
    This is located at the foot of limestone cliffs, Étretat is a seaside resort town that is off the beaten path. While popular, this beach town is not overcrowded which is always a plus. One of the best places in Normandy to soak up the sun, Étretat is a very relaxing environment. This town is also one of the best places for local seafood, where the fishermen can pull up a wide range of delicacies out of the ocean fresh every day here in at the Étretat.


  • The Areas Rich History – Overlord Museum
    Located near the now famous Omaha Beach is the Overlord Museum. This museum has preserved the area’s rich history including artifacts from World War II. Here you will the remains of Tanks, old war vehicles, and dozens of personal items that used to belong to soldiers from both sides of the conflict. This museum is the perfect place to bring children who enjoy learning about the rich history of the world go by.
Overload Museum
Overload Museum


  • Château de Fontaine-HenryMost often referred to as the most magnificent chateaus in all of Normandy. Château de Fontaine-Henry has a rich history that dates back hundreds of years. This enormous home was built in the 13th century and has been taken care off for over the years. Now open to the public, this villa is located in the Mue Valley which is in the lower regional part of the landscape. Those who visit this beautiful former residence can enjoy walking in lush gardens that surround the property. The property has several different gardens each with their own theme. There are traditional games set up in the garden area and guests can take part in them. The villa is filled with exceptional paintings and other artworks that are very pleasing to the eye.
Château de Fontaine-Henry
Château de Fontaine-Henry

As you can see, Normandy has a lot to offer anyone who chooses to visit this historic part of France. Basically, when you visit this region of France, it is like taking a walk back in time.
With the Spanish villas that line the streets and countrysides of this fascinating place it only adds to the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

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Here is a video on Normandy Visits

So, if you are lucky enough to visit this region of the world, make sure to check out Normandy and see what it has to offer. You will be glad that you did!