Tour Of Marseille City

On the shores of the Mediterranean coast, located in the southern part of France is Marseille and for many, this city has evolved into a popular cruise destination for all visitors in Europe.  For scuba divers enthusiast this could be a great holiday destination site for fantastic snorkeling and sightseeing of marine life.

Designed specifically for tour groups of France, our tour team had included in this trip this intricate layouts of the City for your better understanding of the city.
To highlight the history of the City itself our tour includes a number of museum visits and a multitude of galleries visits which exhibit contemporary arts and so on.
Set in the bygone era, this 2500-year-old port called “Vieux Port” captures the architectural masterpieces of houses set back in the medieval-village age.

Known as a real cultural melting pot, Marseille, itself is well known for its self-promotion based on its own merits without any help to market this city.The city Marseille boasts of having more than 70 galleries and 15 museums to visit. France itself promises a refreshing and a wonderful tour experience of all Marseille.

There are a myriads of attractions which are a must see for France visitors. Here is a list for your viewing pleasure of Marseille, France.

a) Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde

All visitors coming here can expect to see an eye-pleasing sunset view which is breathtaking and this can only be seen from the Southern part of a hilltop in Port Vieux. Built in the 19th century, this place was one of Marseille’s main tourist attraction and is called the basilica styled Romano-Byzantine.

Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde
Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde

b) Basilica Chateau d’if

On top of this 60-meter high belfry of the Basilica Chateau d’if stands a huge gilded Virgin statue, which can be seen miles away. The initial plan for this building was to protect the city from outside invasions, so this beautiful Chateau d’if fortress was built in the 16th century.

Chateau D'if
Chateau D’if

c) Count of Monte Cristo

The well known “Count of Monte Cristo” legend was traced to Alexandre Dumas who was imprisoned here in this state prison, hence it became famous for that reason itself.


Count Monte Cristo
Count Monte Cristo

d) The Vieux Port (Old Port)

This is where boats from all over Africa were arriving at Vieux Port hence it was known back then as a great commercial center. So now Marseilles historical port is the Vieux Port. And now, cruise ships from Europe and other parts of the world are currently using this as the destination port.

Vieux Port
Vieux Port

e) Musee des Beaux Arts

The Museum exhibits Fine Arts in Marseille or better known as the Musee des Beaux-Arts today is the finest museum in all of France. The museum today showcases the works of Flemish, Italian and French schools from the 17th to the 19th-century era. For art buffs, this building houses all these impressive exhibitions collections of fine paintings and decorative pieces.

Musee de la Faience.
Musee de la Faience.


Our France tour to Marseille includes the followings:
a) The glorious Notre-Dame de la Garde Basilica
b) Chateau du Pharo, built by Napoleon
c) the Cathedral Museum of the Roman Docks
d) the 12th-century Accoules Bell Tower
e) the beautiful La Canabiere Street- the main street of Marseille lined with famous restaurants and cafes

France’s oldest quarter is also a must see and visit for all visitors and it should not be missed for any reason whatsoever or you will regret it. And other beautiful attractions such as the Provence region can be considered as part of your elaborate Marseille trip to explore besides the visit to the Fort St.

Aside from visiting the beautiful La Canebiere Street, you can see the 12th-century Accoules Bell Tower or the Nicholas, Musee de la Faience.

Rest assured, all visitors can expect a memorable and remarkable experience during this Marseille sightseeing tour.

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